The Office Of The Sheriff

Madison County, Idaho

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  The Madison County Patrol Reserve Program is for those interested in starting a possible career in law enforcement, or for others who may have the desire to be in Law Enforcement, but have a different career and want to help out in their free time. Either way, the Reserve Program is a huge opportunity. This is a great chance for the community to be involved and see just what being a Law Enforcement Representative is all about.

  Reserve Deputies are uniformed sworn law enforcement volunteers. After initial training, they are issued a uniform and badge, and carry a gun, hand cuffs, and all the needed tools on a duty belt. Reserve Deputies are classified as Level II and Level I. Level II Reserves work with full-time certified county deputies. Level I Reserves have obtained Idaho law enforcement certifications, and have the option of patrolling the county on their own or with other full-time deputies enforcing the law (policies and conditions apply). Trained Reserves help with school activities, various Sheriff's Office activities, and work with other certified deputies on the many standard patrol shifts throughout the county.

   The current Patrol Reserve Deputy Team is a group of outstanding individuals that has set a high standard for professionalism and respect. Any new recruit must be able to measure up to these standards. These current members consist of both individuals striving for a career in law enforcement and those already dedicated to a different career but want to help when they can. They are recognized by the community and are very appreciated by the Sheriff and the patrol division.

  Those interested in applying for the Reserve Patrol Deputy Program should fill out a pre-employment application and deliver it to the Sheriff's Office via email, fax, or in person. Applicants must be legal U.S. citizens, have a current driver's license, cannot have any criminal misdemeanor or felony charges on their record, and be able to obtain an Idaho Concealed Weapons License. They must also be 21 years of age or older, and planning on being in the area for at least 3-4 years. Other restrictions and conditions apply. The initial hiring process and getting accepted into the academy includes a physical agility test, a written test, and oral boards.

  Any questions about our Reserve Academy should be directed to Sgt. Bud Holjeson at (208) 372-5000.


Download a Pre-Employment Application
Adobe Reader required (PDF File). May take several minutes to download.

Top Questions Asked About The Reserve Deputy Program

1 - Is the Level II Reserve Patrol Deputy position a paid position?
  No. Initially, the Reserve Patrol Deputy Program is volunteer only. The Reserve Program is like a modified internship, giving citizens in the community a chance to get involved. After enough time and training, you may have the opportunity to advance to a Level I Reserve, where you will have some situations where you will receive an hourly wage.

2 - Will being a Reserve Patrol Deputy cost me any money?
  Yes. There is some equipment you will be required to purchase. The Sheriff will issue you a badge and uniform, but you will be required to purchase other needed items like your pistol, duty belt and gear, boots, etc. These items will need to be purchased a few weeks into the academy. Please call with any financial concerns, as sometimes some arrangements can be made.

3 - Why the 3-4 year commitment?
  It takes many weeks / months and a lot of time and resources to train the Patrol Reserves to the required level needed to start working. We can't spend this time and have someone leave shortly after. We just ask that you plan on staying with us for at least 3-4 years. If our agency or another agency hires you full-time before this time period, GREAT! This is what this program is all about.

4 - Do I have to work a certain number of hours each week?
  Yes and no. Patrol Reserves are required to "donate" a certain number of hours, calculated each quarter of each year. Idaho State requires at least 120 hours "donated" each year to keep the certification. Madison County Sheriff's Office requires a little more than that. This will all be explained at the initial hiring process. Reserves also meet once a month for continued training after the initial academy is over.

5 - Can a Reserve Patrol Deputy arrest someone?
  Yes - as long as they are with another certified full-time Madison County deputy, or they have obtained Level I Patrol Reserve certifications through Idaho P.O.S.T. Academy. Without this Level I certification, the 'arrest' is performed under the full-time Deputy's arrest authority granted by the state. Level II Reserve Patrol deputies have NO law enforcement "powers" if they are not with another certified full-time deputy, other than those given to them as a general citizen.

6 - Can I be a Reserve Patrol Deputy in Madison County and another county around the area?
  No. According to our county's policies, you can not volunteer here and another county, unless discussed with the Sheriff.

7 - Do I have to live in Madison County to be a Reserve Patrol Deputy?
  No. We would like you to live close enough that you can assist with any emergencies if needed, but you do not need to live in the county.

8 - Can I volunteer as a Reserve Patrol Deputy and a Reserve Detention (Jail) Deputy?
  No. The county's policies state either you are a Patrol Reserve or Detention Reserve, not both.

9 - If this is a volunteer position, and it actually costs me money, why would I be interested?
  The Reserve Program is extremely popular and a great way to get your feet in the door. Many Reserves move on to full-time paid positions either with our agency or other agencies in the state. Other Reserves not looking for full-time law enforcement careers "donate" their time on the weekends or evenings for years, and love every minute.